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3 massage techniques to help relieve sciatica pain

3 massage techniques to help relieve sciatica pain

massage to help relieve sciatica pain

Many people suffer from sciatica. It can be identified by pain, numbness or tingling which goes down the leg from the lower back. It’s quite common for individuals to suffer from sciatica on only one side of the body although some are affected on both sides. Common causes of sciatica can include trauma such as sports injuries, a bulging disc or herniated disc, pelvic injury or fractures or in rare cases, spinal tumours. Your local GP can diagnose the condition through a physical check-up and your medical history. MRIs, CT scans and X-Rays can also help identify this problem.

Massage techniques to relieve sciatica pain

Thankfully there are three massage techniques you can try at home to help with sciatica pain relief.

1. Thumb and palm massage

Begin by placing the palms of your hands on the lower back. Next, massage the pelvic region in the direction of your buttocks. Position your hands at waist height using your thumbs to massage the muscles close to the spine. Wrap your fingers around your sides. Using your thumbs, try to apply a firm and steady pressure towards the spine on the outer edges of the muscles. Keep your thumbs around four inches apart. Repeat the technique and apply pressure without causing any discomfort.

2. Knuckle pressure

For sciatic nerve treatment, knuckle pressure has proved to be beneficial for many sufferers. Start by lying on your back with your feet on the floor and knees bent. Clench your hands and put them on the left and right side of your lower back. Place your fists so the palms are facing down with your knuckles against your back. The fists should be resting between your spine and the lower back muscles. Leave them like this for about one minute.

3. Tennis ball massage

By using tennis balls you can easily apply pressure to your lower back. Sit on the floor with bent knees and feet on the floor surface. Place the balls behind you. Slowly recline your body until you’re lying on your back on the floor with the tennis balls where the pain is. Rest in this position for around a minute. Once the tension is relieved a little, just move the balls to the area of the sciatica pain.

So there we have it, three simple massage techniques to help you deal with sciatica.

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Sandie Price
Sandie Price
3 years ago

The tennis ball technique is most effective for me. Rolling it slowly all along the pain path and resting it where it is most painful.

Reply to  SPRC
1 year ago

Funny how it can hurt like hell when that tennis ball is pressed on that nerve yet feel so good at the same time.

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