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About Us

The Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion is an entirely new form of relief for Sciatica, developed by people who have experience of suffering and treating sciatic pain.

In todays society we want everything fast and now. The internet is littered with instant relief and quick fix solutions for sciatica. If you have experienced sciatica it probably did not go instantly or quickly. Our approach is to move forward realistically and patiently working towards lasting relief.

sciatic pain relief cushion

Why choose us to help?

What we believe

  • Knowledge of your condition is a powerful tool for recovery.
  • Taking the right steps at the right time.
  • If required, the correct pain relieving medication for as short a time as possible.
  • Taking as many opportunities as possible to calm the sciatic nerve.
  • Graded exercise to help you recover.
  • Preventative measures to prevent reoccurrence of sciatic pain.

What we will do

We want to empower you to improve your condition by helping you to make simple but effective day-to-day changes.

We have drawn on all our skills to create The Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion and we hope we can share our knowledge to improve your quality of life and reduce reliance on pain relief medication.

What we won't do

  • Promise you any instant relief or seven day fixes for sciatica.
  • Suggest you attempt stretches that you could not do even when you were a flexible child.
  • Suggest you sit and roll around on a tennis ball or any other object when you are in acute pain.

Our People

Our background includes almost 20 years of experience in health and wellbeing, that includes:

  • Designing pressure-area care products
  • Manufacture of products for hospital mattresses and cushions
  • Quality assurance in healthcare and engineering
  • Remedial massage therapy
  • Exercise and rehabilitation advice

We have drawn on all of these skills to create The Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion. We hope that we can share our knowledge to improve your quality of life and reduce dependence on pain relief medication.

OUR TEAM Who’s behind the scenes?

Remedial Massage Therapist
Over 12 years experience treating and helping people with their aches and pains.
Remedial and Sports Massage Therapist
The inventor of the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion has also suffered with sciatica and understands better than most what you are going through and how to help
Patient Support Surfaces
Worked in the industry for 17 years and is our technical wizard.

Corporate Supporter of BackCare

We think our approach is consistent with experts in the field and we align ourselves with those who know best. That is why we are supporters of BackCare. BackCare was originally called the National Back Pain Association and was set up in 1968. They are a charity that help you by providing information and resources to help people prevent and alleviate back pain. You will find lots of useful information on their website.

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