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Driving with Sciatica

Driving with Sciatica

Sitting for long periods can exacerbate sciatica pain symptoms and for some individuals symptoms are made worse when driving. Typically symptoms when driving with sciatica will come on after a period of time and the longer the journey the more the sciatic nerve discomfort is experienced.

If you are driving any where or travelling as a passenger by car, coach, train or plane you have no choice but to be seated and no or limited options to get up and walk around for sciatica relief.

We know exactly how challenging travelling with sciatica can be. That is why after designing the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion for home and office use we decided to design a car / travel sciatica cushion specifically for use in the car that was also easy and convenient to carry while out and about or travelling. Our customers love the fact that it gives that little extra comfort and relief while driving and is also portable enough for them to take on their travels if need be. If you have leather or vinyl seats we recommend purchasing a non-slip mat to ensure your cushion is secure.

Check out out testimonials to hear what people are saying and while you are at it try our past blogs where we give tips and advice on coping with sciatic pain while driving. Even if you don't want to invest in a cushion we're sure you'll find something of value there.


Driving with Sciatica

If you do experience sciatica while driving make sure you check your car seat position thoroughly as this may be contributing to your symptoms. It is common for us to adopt driving positions that are not the best for us and because we are used to them we don't think to change them.

A quick tip for you. It may seem obvious but driving with anything in  the back pockets that could cause pressure on the sciatic nerve is a definite no no. A wallet in the back pocket has often been the cause of, or exacerbated symptoms, of so called piriformis syndrome.

Try different positions when you're not driving to find the optimal position for you. If the sciatica pain starting coincides with changing your car definitely check out the seat position. If that does n't work try a car / travel sciatic pain relief cushion. It's a lot cheaper than changing your car!

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