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Sciatica Pain in Older People

The main reason for sciatica pain in older people is because as we age the discs (cartilage) in-between the vertebrae (bones) in our spine become less plump and lose height. Typically we lose about 1 centimetre in height every 10 years after the age of 40 and most of this height loss comes from the discs in the spine. There are other changes in the body as we age, which are natural and to be expected, but these changes can increase the potential for pinched nerves and sciatica pain symptoms.


Although it seems obvious that older adults are more likely to be afflicted by with low back pain and sciatica it does not make it any less easier to cope with when it is you who has to bear it. There is good research that supports the increased prevalence rate of back related pain in older adults of between 35% and 70%. It is also believed that the figures are under reported as many people just live with it. Our advice would be not to just live with it but to always seek help and advice from experts. Organisations like Backcare are a great resource. They are a charity that have for provided advice and support on preventing and alleviating back pain for nearly 50 years.

Help for sciatica pain

Sciatica pain relief can be a much-welcomed respite when the symptoms are interfering with everyday life and social activities like eating out or going to the theatre. The Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion is designed to provide you relief while sitting. The home / office design is to use while sitting and relaxing or sitting at a social event like a meal.  The car / travel design is for use when out and about or travelling by coach, train or air travel. The design is unique, pleasant to the eye and discrete.

For recovery it is important to remain as active as possible, eat well and maintain a healthy weight.


Here at the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion we have considered many different aspects of how having sciatica can affect your daily life. We have written many blogs that give you valuable tips and advice on how to manage in different situations on a daily basis. Check out our blog page to see what's there that could be of value to you. Even if you don't want to try our cushion we're sure you will find something of value there.

If buying on the internet is not your thing and you would rather purchase a cushion over the phone you can call 0333 444 0773.


Happy Senior Couple - Sciatica Pain
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