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Sciatica in Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain

Low back pain is common amongst women in pregnancy. Pain can be just in the lower back region (lumbar pain). More common though is pelvic girdle pain (PGP) where the pain can be anywhere between the top of the waist to the gluteal fold. It can be on one side or both sides and possibly radiating down the back of the legs to behind the knees. The potential for pain to radiate into the gluteal area and the back of the thigh is some times why these symptoms are some times thought to be sciatic pain symptoms or sciatica in pregnancy - Low Back Pain. That is not to say pregnant women do not experience sciatica but you should seek advice to get a differential diagnosis so that you can be properly treated.

Whether you are experiencing sciatica or pelvic girdle pain the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion can bring you relief while you are sitting. The unique shape allows you to place the cushion for pain on the left or right side or if you have pain bilaterally you can place it in a heart shape and sit on the lobes with a space for your coccyx. Customers tell us it is like sitting on air and some have found laying on their side with bump strategically placed on the cushion a dream for taking weight off the lower back in the late stages of pregnancy. At the latter stages of pregnancy and post-partum  the cushion be a small blessing as well. Read how the cushion helped and provided comfort for Saharasplash on the car journey home following the birth of her little bundle of joy.

Sciatica in Pregnancy - Low Back Pain
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