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6 months ago I injured myself and in my case sitting causes major discomfort and pain. I stumbled upon this quite randomly and gave it a go. Wow, what a difference this has made. I am able to sit for twice as much as I could do previously without feeling the pain I had before. Your pillow relieves the pressure and pain. I have tried numerous other products and none come close to this. The product is high quality, amazing value and delivers on its claims ! Highly recommended purchase

Jayesh Patel



Today I tried the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion in my car as I had a 3 hour non-stop journey. This is when I get sciatica – typically after an hour or so and I have to move my left leg where possible to get temporary relief. Today, I had no sciatica at all using the cushion. And getting out of the car after 3 hours I felt good, and not stiff at all. At first the seating position felt a bit odd and I thought that maybe the sciatica would be replaced by backache, but I soon got used to it and hours 2 and 3 were pain free! So very successful, and more successful than the gel cushion I had been using.

Peter Elliot



I didn't think there was a solution to a nightly pain, other than just getting used to it and having regular sports massage to minimise the impact. It's a simple & instant solution to massively minimise the constant 'pinging' pain.

Mandy Ward


Sandra Adey

I have suffered from lower back pain and a trapped nerve that gives me sciatica symptoms. This has been on going for the last 5 years. I’d never used a cushion until I was recommended one by a friend. I used the sciatic pain relief cushion daily. Even though the pain didn’t go away completely it made it more bearable with the relief cushion than without.

Sandra Adey



It's turned a painful 9.5 hours at work into a pain free experience day after day. I sit at a desk on a daily basis for work. Before using the cushion I was like a yo yo getting up from my chair stretching trying to ease the pain in my lower back. Since using the cushion I sit comfortably and pain free at my desk. I only get up for well being breaks and not because I'm in pain. It's changed my life.




It has helped a lot for sitting at a computer and also for travelling in the car. In particular the cushion has meant that I can sit at my desk for a longer period without being in so much pain. Equally the car one has made a big difference to travel for me.

Barbara McLullich


Wouldn't be without it. Using the cushion has help me so much. It's reduced the pain tremendously and I can sit down a lot longer than I use to.

Mavis Montoute


Very comfortable and very good cushion. Used it all the time while I was recovering.

Gary Berridge


I use it whenever I drive my main car (2005 Mercedes E-class) as I could not drive for more than one hour without pain. Using the cushion extended my "range" to more like two hours, and when the pain did occur it seemed less intense. I found it very useful and started enjoying driving again! I'm glad to say that I seem to have been free from sciatic pain for several months now, and I'm sure your cushion played a vital role in this. In fact I still use it in the car, as it does not detract from the comfort of the seats and might well be keeping the sciatica at bay!

Michael Dolphin


I had a trip to Malta booked, the thought of sitting in cramped conditions for 3 hours with a 2 hour lay over didn't appeal. I used the cushion in both the concourse area and on the plane. On my return journey, I didn't use it on the first leg as I left it in my briefcase and by the time the plane landed I was in some discomfort. Using it again for a lengthy lay over and on the journey back to Birmingham, everything had calmed down again and underlined the benefit of using the cushion.The cushion was useful in any sitting situation. I use it in the office, car and at the dinner table.

Peter Smith


I have used both cushions, the smaller one in my car for a couple of weeks and the larger one at home for 2 to 3 months now and have found that they do aid in my pain relief, mainly in the sitting position.We have a relatively flat cushioned sofa at home and I have found that the larger cushion has helped me to sit more comfortably for longer periods of time. My driving seat is more of a bucket style seat and the smaller cushion is better in my car, as this is where I have the most pain, when sitting for long driving journeys.

Karen Lee


I had suffered two bouts of left sciatic pain requiring pain relief. On using the cushion everywhere, within 3 weeks all my pain had gone and I could walk/sit and function normally. Eased the pain around my left buttock, lower back and leg, relieving the tension and aiding progressive recovery. Sat on it everywhere possible, for example, at work, at home, in the car. Still use in the car to this day and have not had sciatica again since...wonderful!



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