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The Long Tail of Sciatica

For those of you that have experienced sciatica pain I am sure you would agree that the first time is the worst time. Not because any subsequent flare-ups are less painful, but more because the shock to the system of excruciating pain is enough to take even the most hardy of us by surprise.

The path most of us follow is very similar. First some pain medication (if you take them) and when that does not work a visit to the Doctors who will first try you with some outpatient physiotherapy and if you are still in unbearable pain you will return to the Doctors who may prescribe you with some stronger pain relieving medication.

Your Doctor will avoid hospitals and scans as much as possible because for most of us (not all), even though it does not feel like it at the time, the pain will start to subside. So, if you are experiencing sciatica now for the first time the good news is the usual natural progression of low back leg related pain (commonly referred to as sciatica) is for it to get better with time. It is more common than you might imagine. If you have not had sciatic pain symptoms you probably no someone who has and the fact is the older we get the more likely we will experience it.

If you have experience of sciatica you are bit wiser and better prepared if it returns, because the not so good news is around 80% of people who experience sciatic pain symptoms experience it more than once. The best chance of stopping it returning is to make sure you do the exercises that your physiotherapist gave you and remain physically active.

The long tail of sciatica is all those people that no longer visit their Doctor when they experience sciatica, because they have a lot of experience of dealing with sciatica symptoms. They know the advice and patient care they will receive from their Doctor and they learn to manage.

Someone in the long tail often experiences low level grumbling sciatic pain when they do certain activities like driving or sitting for too long. Sometimes they will experience more painful flare-ups once or twice a year.

If you are one of the people who recognises the long tail of sciatica then read our hints and tips in other blogs on our website. You just might find a gem that helps you to manage your sciatica.

And of course you might want to consider the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion to help you manage your sciatic pain symptoms. Ian Garside who has experienced sciatica and who treats people with sciatic pain symptoms designed the cushion to help himself and others.

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