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7 Top Tips for travelling with Sciatica

travelling with sciatica

There is never a good to time to be afflicted with sciatica, but it can be the most inconvenient time when you have a holiday or a long trip planned. Sitting can exacerbate sciatica and we have spoken to many individuals dreading a long drive or long flight. Some have even considered cancelling their trip, as the thought of travelling with sciatica fills them with dread. Finding sciatica pain relief is needed to get the show on the road.

Painful as sciatica is, if you can, take the break you deserve. Taking the time to try and relax and a change of scenery can be a vital part of your recovery, as lifting your mood could be just the trigger you need.

So here are seven top tips to help you get through the journey to that well deserved break;

  1. Massage to relax the muscles – If you’re going to be sitting for a long time why not get the muscles as relaxed and supple as possible beforehand. The right kind of massage can be very soothing for sciatic pain symptoms. See our blog ‘A good massage for sciatica’ where we explain just what you need. If nothing else it can help you to relax and get you in the mood for your break
  2. Get an aisle seat – If you’re going on a coach tour or taking a flight make sure you get an aisle seat. It is important that you can get up to regularly to move around. With an aisle seat you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone.
  3. Stretch regularly – If you’ve got your aisle seat and are able to get up and move around take the opportunity to do some gentle stretches. This only needs to be for a few seconds. We’ve shown some simple and quick stretches in our blog the ‘Easiest Stretches for Sciatica’.
  4. Plenty of stops if in the car – If you’re taking the journey by car you will have the advantage of being able to plan your stops. This is a good thing because unlike on a coach or plane you do not have the same opportunity to stand up. Make sure you stop regularly to walk around and stretch
  5. Sleep – If it is a long journey try and shorten it by going to sleep. Obviously not if you are driving! A long haul flight, coach journey or as a car passenger can be ideal for this.
  6. Pain medication at the right time – If you’ve been prescribed pain relieving medication try taking half of one of your doses an hour before you set off and the other half 10 minutes before you leave. If you can go to sleep just after that would be ideal.
  7. Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion – Last but not least invest in a car / travel sciatic pain relief cushion. Simple to use and easy to carry and it’s designed to reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve while sitting.

As the holiday season arrives we sincerely hope you get away and enjoy a break!

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