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BackCare Awareness Week

Empowering people with back pain is at the heart of what we do. In our quick-fix society where pressure to perform often overrides recovery, getting the right advice and treatment for your condition is crucial. We’re proud to be corporate sponsors of BackCare, a charity dedicated to improving knowledge and resources for patients suffering from back pain. This week, from the 8th to the 12th of October, the organisation is launching its annual BackCare Awareness week, a national campaign designed to raise awareness and provide support to patients experiencing back pain. This year the theme is ‘Back pain in Older Adults’.

Established in 1968, BackCare’s aim is to improve information, education and support for back pain sufferers. It was set up by Stanley Grundy, a businessman who found himself frustrated at a lack of information after suffering from a back injury because of a sailing accident. Since its inception almost 50 years ago, BackCare has worked alongside healthcare professionals and organisations to educate people on ways to manage, alleviate and prevent back pain.

The impact of back pain and the resulting sickness absence on our health service and the economy is estimated at £15bn a year. Over 80% of the UK population are affected by back and neck conditions such as sciatica pain at some point in their lives. Working with organisations like BackCare helps to raise awareness of treatment and prevention methods.

During BackCare awareness week, the charity creates and distributes a range of resources to help sufferers choose the best course of treatment to suit their needs. Alongside these packs, which can be ordered directly from the website, a range of events will take place in partnership with Age Concern in Colchester.

To take part in the campaign, use #backpainweek on social media, order a resource pack or visit the BackCare website – for further information on events taking place near you. You don’t have to suffer in silence with back pain. Although there is no quick fix, there is always a treatment path for your condition. Working together, we can help you manage, treat and prevent conditions such as sciatica pain, allowing you to get on with life.


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