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Can A Sciatica Cushion Really Help?

Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion

Anybody who has experienced severe sciatica pain symptoms will tell you that it is one of the worst pains they have ever had. At its most acute nothing seems to be able to alleviate the pain.

So if the sciatic pain is so bad can a cushion really help? Well for many people the answer is yes. Sciatica is a symptom and there are a number of things that can cause the symptoms of sciatica. The most common cause is nerve root impingement or irritation at the base of the spine. There are four nerves coming from the base of the spine that come together to form one large nerve called the sciatic nerve that runs from deep in the buttocks right down to your toes.

The problem is that irritation or impingement in nerve roots at the base of the spine can cause sciatica symptoms anywhere between the buttock area to the foot. Nerves are most stimulated by stretch and pressure so an angry irritated sciatic nerve running through your buttock can be more irritated when you sit on it.

A well-designed cushion that can help take some of the pressure of the sciatic nerve while sitting can be a source of welcome relief.


The beauty of small gains

Sciatica can be really bad but given the choice of some relief compared to no relief you will know it is not a very difficult one if you have ever experienced sciatica. Small gains that help recovery start moving in the right direction are a big deal. Momentum in the right direction is psychologically important. When pain persists it can be a lonely and bleak place and emotionally exhausting. Brief periods of respite can be priceless.

When creating the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion we listened to the feedback from our patients and trialed a number of designs to get feedback from people who had sciatica.

Comments like,

“Even though the pain didn’t go away completely it made it much more bearable with the cushion than without.”,

told us we were on the right path. See our testimonials for other patient feedback.

During development over 90% over people experiencing sciatica symptoms that used the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion found it beneficial in helping to reduce sciatica pain symptoms while sitting.

We are proud of our cushion design as not all sciatica cushions are created equal. Click through to See How It Works.

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