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Get up, get out, and stretch those legs!

This was regular advice (orders) I used to get from my mother when as a teenager I was lounging about during the Christmas holidays, and to be honest it was good advice that I am passing onto you.

As most of you already know sitting for too long is one worst things for aggravating sciatica. The best thing to do is stay active, and whilst the weather might be cold one of the easiest and cost effective ways to do this is to wrap up warm put on some good walking shoes/ boots and treat yourself to a nice walk, even if it only around your local park.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how much is going on out there, with the wild life, wonderful views, also just meeting other people out and about and enjoying themselves.

So as my mother said ‘Get up, get out, and stretch those legs, and you will feel all the better for making the effort.

Wishing you and you loved ones all the best for the New Year

Ian, Mark and Jo at Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion

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