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Getting Out and About with Sciatica

When I started to write about my experience of coping with sciatic pain, I thought I would take you, the reader, through the day, and as you may recall I changed my mind and started with ‘Going to bed’. I am glad I did because I have recently had great feedback about it, especially my tip of taking one pain killer an hour before going to bed and the second one as you turn the light out. Apparently this has benefited many of you.

Today’s blog was to be about getting out and about, but the truth is that the number one thing about getting out and about is take the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion with you wherever you go. It sounds like I am pushing the product – I am, but only because I believe it can make such a difference.

Before I made my first cushion for myself I had to rediscover buses, because whilst I could walk I could not sit down to drive with sciatic pain. Walking to the bus stop eased the pain and getting the bus allowed me get around and buy the things I needed. I must admit I got a number of strange looks standing up on a half empty bus! If you do get the bus and, like me, don’t qualify for a bus pass I recommend you get a day saver ticket.

Not being able to sit down in our modern day working environment is a nightmare. Most of us have to travel to work by car and the average journey is an agonising 45 minutes. Once in work we are usually sat at a desk or work station for hours at a time, or we actually drive for a living.

Sciatic pain is so debilitating that many people have to take time off work that they can ill afford.

Sciatic pain stops you from working, having family time and socialising. It can prevent you partaking in recreational activities like going to the cinema, to the match, to worship, or having a meal out with friends.

The Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion was developed by me and became my saviour. I got my life back and, as my friend Mark Dunwell said, the idea was just too good to keep to myself. This is the reason we teamed up with Jo Milnes, our technical specialist, to develop this cushion so that nobody else would have to suffer the daily relentless agonising pain commonly referred to as sciatica (one form of which may be referred to as ‘piriformis syndrome’).

I strongly recommend that you invest in one of our smaller Car and Travel cushions, and also, if you can, a Home and Office cushion too – these will help you get your life back.

Before I sign off for today there is one other thing that I would like to make you aware of. On a previous blog on getting dressed I showed my Heath Robinson method of putting your socks on; however, I have since been made aware of this sock aid that you can get reasonably priced from around £3.50 upwards from NRS Healthcare.

Once again I hope my blog has been both helpful and informative, and last but not least, entertaining.

Best wishes.


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