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How to relieve sciatic nerve pain fast

If you have ever been afflicted with sciatic pain and gone to the Internet for help you’ve probably come across lots of links like;

‘How to relieve sciatic pain fast’ and ‘Instant sciatica pain relief’

Ask anyone who has ever suffered with sciatic pain whether it went in an instant or fast and they will look at you as if you were mad or taking the proverbial. They would certainly know that you had never had sciatica.

So here’s the bad news. If you have sciatica it is unlikely to be going anywhere fast. If you have sciatica and you are reading this you may already know that. It is no coincidence that the slowest healing tissues in the body are nerves.

The good news is that for the vast majority of people will make a full recovery and the pain will go. Many people who experience severe sciatic pain just want to know when will the pain end. It is important to know for most of us it will.

So generally how long do people experience sciatica for? This is not easy to answer as what we refer to as sciatica is not a medical condition but a description for a set of symptoms. The cause of the symptoms could be one of many different underlying causes, which is why it is important to be assessed by a healthcare provider.

Some people can have sciatica for a few weeks. Unfortunately it can extend into a few months and a small number of people can have symptoms for several months and longer.

In general the sooner you start to manage the symptoms the quicker your recovery will be. So many times we have heard people say they had ‘a few twinges’ before the major pain started but they just ignored it. So the first advice is, if you experience any twinges, niggles or aches and pains don’t ignore them. Act because it is your body giving you a warning.

Here at the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion we will not tell you about any instant or fast ways to get rid of your sciatica. We will share our experience of what works well to help you on your journey to recovery. So stay tuned to for tips based on experience gained over nearly 20 years as patients and practitioners.

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