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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Both my wife and I experience sciatic pain, but we didn’t let this put us off the trip of a lifetime.

I am lucky enough to have a sister who lives in Vancouver and her daughter, my niece, who lives with her husband and two boys in Calgary. So last year we decided to treat ourselves to a holiday which allowed us to visit all of them, and travel on the fabulous Rocky Mountaineer train along the famous First Passage to the West through the fabulous Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Usually for sciatica suffers the idea of sitting on a plane for fourteen hours followed by two days travelling on a train would seem more like a nightmare journey rather than the trip of a lifetime. But because we had our Sciatic Pain Relief Cushions with us we had no such worries. The travel cushion is discrete and small enough to travel with – you can just make it out in the photo above next to the red arrow. We had a fantastic trip and a wonderful holiday visting with my sister and niece. We started in Calgary then stayed in beautiful Banff National Park before getting on the Rocky Mountaineer and enjoying the breathtaking and dramatic rocky mountains travelling past Lake Louise. Then it was overnight in Kamloops before finishing off our holiday in fabulous Vancouver, one of the nicest cities you could wish to visit.

You don’t have to put off going to those places you have always wanted to visit because of sciatica. The Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion helps you to get on that plane, train, coach or just get in the car and drive. So get out there and start enjoying life again.

We’re off to sunny Tenerife soon (and we’ll be travelling with cushions, of course – just in case!). I hope you all go and treat yourselves to a holiday. Because you’re worth it!! 🙂


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