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Could chiropractic treatment give sciatic pain relief?

Could chiropractic treatment give sciatic pain relief?

The pain from sciatica can be severe enough to significantly affect a wide range of everyday activities, as well as impacting on sleep, mobility and overall quality of life. Aside from the default treatment of painkillers and rest, there is often very little that conventional medicine can offer for sciatica pain relief. This is why large numbers of people who suffer from this debilitating condition are turning to alternative medicine and techniques to try and make a difference. Many individuals visit chiropractors, as they are best known for helping people recover from back pain.

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a manual therapy technique that primarily involves making small adjustments to the position of the spinal joints in order to bring about greater alignment. According to chiropractic theory, a spine which is correctly aligned brings a number of health benefits: conversely, a poorly aligned spine can cause problems that range from physical pain through to low mood, anxiety and an inability to concentrate.

What chiropractic treatment may be offered for sciatica?

Following a thorough assessment and testing process to identify the root cause fo the sciatica symptoms, patients will usually be treated with some form of chiropractic (spinal manipulation) treatment. They may also use other interventions such as cryotherapy, traction techniques, ultrasound other electrotherapy techniques. These other techniques may also be employed by other types of practitioners such as osteopaths or physiotherapists, as they are frequently use methods widely used to treat a number of different musculoskeletal conditions.

Could chiropractic make a difference to sciatica?

As sciatic pain is frequently caused by compression of the nerve roots in the lower back that jon to become the sciatic nerve, it is believed to that manipulation that releases pressure on the nerve is going to have beneficial results. Whilst not every patient will benefit from chiropractic treatment, studies have shown that chiropractic is generally safe, well-tolerated, and brings relief to many patients.

Is chiropractic available on the NHS?

Because chiropractic is generally viewed as complementary medicine, it’s not usually available on the NHS. It’s important to remember that some causes of sciatica are beyond the scope of a chiropractor to treat. Your chiropractor will normally be able to tell you whether your sciatic problem is suitable for chiropractic treatment during your initial assessment.

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