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Relieving sciatica pain in the office environment

Relieving sciatica pain in the office environment

Working full time in an office environment when you have sciatica pain is distracting, disruptive and an inconvenience. You may think that there is very little you can do to relieve your sciatica, but making simple changes to your daily working practices can make a huge difference. Below we share some simple ways in which you can relieve sciatica pain at work.

Take a break and move

Many people think that sitting can help with sciatica pain, but in fact sitting places more pressure upon the sciatic nerve. If you find yourself sitting at your office desk for hours, make sure to stand up and move regularly. A good tip is to set an alarm on your phone at thirty-minute intervals to remind you to get up and stretch.

Go for a ten-minute walk

Encouraging blood flow and getting endorphins and dopamine released into the blood stream can help reduce painful symptoms. You can try to go for a ten-minute walk during your lunch break. If going for a walk poses a problem because of office location, then walk around the office, or up and down stairs, just to get your blood flowing.

Apply a heat pack

When sciatica strikes at home, you can lie down and use a heated blanket, but you can’t do this at work. A good alternative is to use a heat pack. They can be easily heated in a microwave and discretely placed against your lower back and chair. Just be sure to wrap the pack in material before applying to bare skin.

Use a specialist pillow

Sciatica pain occurs when pressure is placed upon the sciatic nerve. Using a specialist pillow as you sit and work can help to reduce this pressure. The Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion is easy to use, portable and perfect for the office.

The tennis ball massage

Sadly, you can’t fit regular massages into your working day. But, you can do your own lower back massage with the use of a tennis ball. Simply place the ball between your lower back and the chair, then lean back against the ball. Gently move from side to side, giving yourself a mini DIY massage.

To learn more about our Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion and for further hints and tips on sciatica pain relief, then please do browse our blog archive and get in touch with us today.

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