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Holidays and Sciatica

Holidays and Sciatica

sciatic travel cushion

Summer is here and the holiday season is upon us. Many of us will be going on a well-deserved break for some rest and relaxation. Just before or when on holiday is probably one of the most inconvenient times to get an attack or flare up of sciatica.

One of the most common calls we receive are from people who are just about to go on a long-haul flight, or a coach holiday, and they are dreading the prospect of sitting for a long time with sciatic pain symptoms. Or sometimes it is the flight or long drive that has triggered the flare up.

If possible it is important to not let sciatica interfere with your mental rest and relaxation time you get from a holiday, as this is an important part of your recovery. Here at the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion we like to share tips and ideas that can help people on the road to recovery. Thankfully we have written on this subject before so if you have a flare up now you can read our tips and advice on travelling with sciatica.

With a long flight, car or coach journey a sciatic pain relief cushion is useful for those susceptible to sciatica flare ups if sitting for a long time cannot be avoided. It’s handy to have a long if a flare up does occur and it is comfortable to sit on whether you have sciatica or not.

Many people take the sciatic pain relief cushion when they go out in case they encounter a hard chair in a restaurant or café because it is comfortable to sit on. We have heard stories and had repeat sales from those who have ‘misplaced’ their cushion when out and about. It happens to us all!

To help with our absent minds we have introduced a handy little accessory to make sure no more cushions are lost. A simple clip to make the cushion easier to carry, keep your hands free and make sure your cushion never leaves your side.

Wherever you are heading this summer. Happy holidays!

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