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How pilates could provide sciatica pain relief

Pilates could provide sciatica pain relief

Many experts believe that in order to protect people who suffer from sciatica pain, it is key to ensure you don’t overexercise and cause further irritation. Although traditional pain relief such as applying ice or heat packs or even using painkillers can help relieve some of your symptoms in the short term, exercise in a small capacity is an excellent way for you to lessen your pain.

Pilates is a fantastic way for you to incorporate some gentle exercises that can have great benefits. It also involves a range of stretches that can be helpful to keep you fit as well as reducing your pain.

We take a look at how Pilates can to help you reduce the impact sciatica can have on your mind and body.

A simple yet effective way to help you

Pilates is a great way to offer you a simple sciatica treatment that helps reduce the impact your sciatica pain can have. It doesn’t place too much pressure on your body, so it is a simple way to exercise for sciatica pain sufferers. There are numerous simple exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home, or as part of a class if you’d prefer.

A good way to give you pain relief

Sciatica pain is naturally going to impact you from day to day, so finding options to help you reduce the pain will help improve your quality of life. Pilates is known to help relieve stress, and well as improve core stability and flexibility. Exercises are usually completed whilst in a seated or reclined position, so you will be able to enjoy a fun way to help you to reduce issues surrounding any pain or muscle tension you may feel. You can work at a level that you are able to manage and progress slowly. No rush and no pressure.

Why Pilates exercises help you

Pilates focuses on exercises that helps you to keep your spine healthy. Many of the core exercises involve several ways for you to improve your core stability. This can help keep your spine healthy and reduce the risk of damage to your spine which may increase pain. Just being physically active can help reduce potential pain and Pilates is a structured way to get instruction on some great exercises from experts that can help you.


  1. Dawn Sayce-jones on September 30, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    what exercises can i do in the house

    • SPRC on October 1, 2018 at 2:49 pm

      Hi Dawn,
      Where not experts in pilates but if you read the other blogs on our site you can find plenty of simple tips of things to try in different situations. Have a read of the blog that explains an easy stretch or the blog of a simple routine you can try before getting out of bed.
      Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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