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Our First Big Step at the Back Pain Show

So we have taken our first big step on our adventure of making the public aware of our unique Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion.

As our launch day approached I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little apprehensive and slightly excited but, as my wife will tell, you I don’t really do excited.

I think all the last minute preparations and setting up on Thursday evening kept my feet on the ground.

Friday 19th May 2017 Take-off!

The launch day started quiet, as the number of members of the public attending the show was a little low, but considering that it was a working day that wasn’t too surprising. So to start, the three of us – my wife Sue, my fellow director Mark and I – watched the computer screen in anticipation as we went live on Indiegogo* (, and saw the orders start to come in, a trickle to begin with and then a steady flow.

As the day progressed Sue’s sales experience came into its own as she extolled the virtues of the cushion to the few members of the public getting our first sale of the day to a therapist from bootiful Norfolk.

The really pleasant surprise was that some people had come to the show especially because they wanted to try and buy our cushion. Also the great support we got for our online crowdfunding campaign, not only from our friends and family but our followers on Facebook and Twitter. So thank you all very much for both your purchases and your generous donations. It was exciting watching the sales and the donations come in and the funds towards our target start to grow. In the afternoon Jo Milnes (the third Musketeer/Director in our partnership), who had spent the morning sorting out technical glitches, joined us, freeing myself and Mark up to give our presentation about the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion and the causes of sciatic pain.

As this was my first experience of being on the other side of counter at a show, it was good to meet the other stand holders, who were very supportive and encouraging of our venture with some very good advice, especially the team from the National Back Pain Association ‘Back Care’, the charity for back and neck pain on whose behalf the show was organised and who were on the stand opposite to ours.

I had been a little apprehensive about the presentation we were scheduled to give, but I needn’t have been worried as it was well received by the lone attendee. (Well, it was good practice for the Saturday, and I must say thank you to the lady who attended and for her feedback).

So by the close of play on the first day, whilst we weren’t jumping for joy, we were happy with our day one performance.

Saturday 20th May 2017

Whilst we were not yet in orbit, and there wasn’t the surge that we witnessed on the Friday morning, our crowdfunding was still steadily climbing (once again, thank you!).

Today the team consisted of the three directors – Jo, Mark, myself and Paul (Jo’s partner).

As expected, the attendance today was much better than Friday, and so was the interest in our cushion. I have to say thank you to all those who visited our stand, it was great to meet and talk to everyone. You all had fascinating stories to tell, and ideas not only for improving our product, but also other ways that it can be used to help relieve various painful muscular, skeletal and vascular issues. (We have made notes). Having watched Sue’s sales technique the day before, we had learnt from her expertise and we made steady sales throughout the day. The other encouraging thing was that sales through the Indiegogo site continued to steadily come in.

So the big question was, would we have any attendees at our afternoon presentation? The answer was yes, and whilst they weren’t breaking down the door to get in, for those who did attend it was a good meeting and I know that Mark and I learnt a lot from the question and answers session and we hope that you did too.

The support both morally and financially we have received from both the public and fellow therapists is greatly appreciated and gives us the energy and drive to go on promoting our cushion, in the knowledge that so many people will benefit from using it – not just those afflicted by sciatic but also their families and friends.

All the best,


* Indiegogo is the crowdfunding website used to launch our cushion.

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