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Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion at the COPA show

Having launched the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion at the Back Pain Show in Birmingham, we decided to take on the capital by presenting our revolutionary design at the COPA show held at ExCeL in London on the 7-8th June.

Whilst the COPA show is a long way from the carnival atmosphere of the Copacabana, it was a very exciting and illuminating show to be part of, with such a great variety of products and therapies on display. What was pleasing was that as the first day progressed more and more people were taking a great interest in our cushion, as we were the new kids on the block, and thankfully that interest turned into sales as people started to appreciate the simple principle of our design and its effectiveness.

Day two saw even greater interest in our cushion throughout the day with therapists from Spain and Canada buying them. Two highly regarded companies, and also became customers of ours. My favourite quote of the day came from a therapist saying, “I never expected to be buying my Father’s Day present at the COPA show”.

The interest in our cushion was so great that by mid-afternoon we had run out of leaflets and almost ran out of cushions (lesson learnt: Never underestimate the potential of your product). Anyone interested in purchasing a cushion for themselves or for a loved one can do so on our website. Be quick because there are only a few of the cushions with 40% discount left!

A number of products at the show caught my eye, one being for neck and headache pain. Like the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion it stood out because of the simplicity of its design and its effectiveness. Needless to say they were doing a brisk trade, as their stand seemed to always have a small crowd around it.

Other products that may be of interest to you are, which is a traction device for relieving hip pain cleverly designed for patients to be able to use at home and ACTEN (, a new supplement designed for the regeneration of joint cartilage. Having myself had both hips resurfaced 16-17 years ago I found both these products very interesting and well worth investigating. And last but not least an amazing electrotherapy massage technique called Deep Oscillation distributed by Eye-catching for both its potential benefits for patients and therapists.

All in all, an excellent two days at the COPA show, and a boost to our crowdfunding campaign.

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