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Sleeping with Sciatica

At Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion we want you to have the best chance to recovering from sciatic pain as quickly as possible and there are lots of small things you can do to help you along the way. I want to share my experience of coping with an acute attack of sciatic pain and to pass on advice of how I managed the situation for myself. Through a series of blogs I’ll tell you how I managed to get through the day when acute sciatica struck me.

I thought at first that I would start with getting up and out of bed in the morning, followed by getting dressed (very painful and tricky). But I have decided to start with preparing for going to bed, because sleep deprivation is terrible and makes those first steps in a morning so much harder.

Many years ago I suffered with chronic arthritis of the hips (I have since had both my hips replaced – wonderful!) and I struggled to get to sleep. But the silver lining was that my experience then stood me in good stead for dealing with sciatic pain.

Ian’s top 3 tips for getting to sleep with sciatica

  • Firstly, I found, when taking painkillers before going to bed, that if I took half of my dose (1 tablet) one hour before getting in bed and the second dose (1 tablet) just before turning the light off, I slept better. My reason for doing this was that by taking the first dose one hour before retiring it had got into my system and was already starting to work, therefore making it easier to get to sleep, and then by taking the second dose as I turned the light off this would kick in whilst I was asleep, allowing me to get into a deeper sleep. Therefore I would have a much more restful night.
  • The other thing I have to help me get to sleep is a kiwi fruit which I eat an hour before going to bed. Nutritionists have found that the serotonin in the fruit may increase melatonin levels and thus improve sleep.
  • The other tip is to take a cushion and an extra pillow to bed with you. There is no set formula for where you place the cushion or the pillow, it is trial and error because we are all different in what position we find comfortable. I found that lying on my good side with the cushion between my knees, with my knees only slightly bent (so not in a foetal position) was best for me. Although sometimes lying on my back with a pillow under the back of my knees was also comfortable, but my snoring used to wake me up! You will find you own way, and please share it as it could help so many other sufferers.

Last bonus tip for pregnant women. A pregnant relative of mine found a novel use for the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion. The cushion was the perfect shape to allow her to sleep on her side and rest ‘bump’ on the cushion. Great for relieving pressure on the lower back for side sleepers!

That’s all for now, duty calls. Next time I will give you my tips on getting up in the morning. Meanwhile I hope that this information helps you to get a better night’s sleep. Please come back and visit us soon.



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