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Traveling by car with Sciatica

Traveling by car with Sciatica

As the vast majority of us have to travel by car, either for work or just going about our daily business, people will tell you that this is one of the worst things to do with sciatic pain.

Firstly, just getting in and out of the car can be excruciatingly painful, to say the least.

Once in the car, the sitting position and the pressure on the nerve makes even the shortest of journeys unbearable. This is where the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion (SPRC) comes into its own, as reducing pressure on the nerve makes that journey so much more comfortable.

However, it doesn’t aid you when getting in and out of the car, so here are a few tips to help you;

  • Whenever possible when parking, always park so that you can open your door fully, even if it means parking slightly further away from your destination.


  • Before getting into the car, position your cushion so that you have to carry out minimum adjustments prior to starting your journey. The picture shows the SPRC being set for someone who suffers with sciatic pain down their right side.

  • Sit down into the car with both feet still outside of the car, and then swing your legs in. (Actually this is also recommended from a self-defence perspective, but that’s another story!)

  • Being tall, I found that having to dip my head forward sent a shooting pain down my leg, which was a bad start to the journey. Therefore, as I sat down into the car seat I would lean towards the door jar where the door frame gives you the greatest clearance, and then swing my legs into the car (see below).


  • Finally, always adjust the SPRC to the most comfortable position before belting up and starting the journey; there is nothing worse than finding yourself on a motorway and wanting to readjust the cushion.



If you would like some other top tips we recommend you read the following article from temporary car insurance specialists Dayinsure on how to cope while driving with sciatica.

Again, I hope this proves helpful to you, and in my next blog I will give tips on safe things you can do to help ease the pain.

Regards for now,


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Joan Sambrook
Joan Sambrook
2 years ago

I have learnt a lot of how to get out of bed which often can take me an hour. Also about car journeys too, the longer the journey the worse it is.
I am in so much pain at the moment and now my legs are so week I have have had three falls. My knees just go and I can’t get up from the floor. I have to exercise my legs but it’s so hard with the pain.

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