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Four DIY sciatica treatments

Four DIY sciatica treatments, Stretching, Anti-inflammatory diet, A gym regime & Quit sitting

Sciatica can have different causes for different people, and the same can be said of sciatica nerve treatment – one type won’t necessarily work for everyone. So it is a positive thing that there are a number of treatments and lifestyle choices which sciatica pain sufferers can try, in order to see what works for them. In this blog, we look at some of them:


Whether the cause of your sciatica is from your back or another source such as piriformis syndrome, you can enjoy relief from a daily stretching routine. There are plenty of ways to stretch out your back, glutes and hamstrings, including pigeon stretches and other less demanding movements. Tap sciatica stretches into YouTube and see which exercises work best for you.

Anti-inflammatory diet

Eat the right food, and aside from reaping the health benefits, you could also do wonders for your sciatica. Foods such as avocados, oily fish and turmeric are all known for their anti-inflammatory properties, so if you don’t currently eat a lot of them, add them to your diet and see what difference they could make.

A gym regime

If you are weak in some areas of your body, there is a chance some other muscles could be doing more work than they should be. One way of battling sciatica symptoms is to develop a strong core, either through body weight exercises, or weight training. So get planking and lifting, but remember to consult a physiotherapist and not to do too much, too soon and risk aggravating your sciatica.

Quit sitting!

Many workers in desk based jobs might find that their sciatica is worse after sitting for long periods. While for many people it is not possible to avoid desk work, sciatica symptoms can be minimised by endeavouring to stand up at regular intervals and stretch or exercise when possible. You should ensure that your posture while sat down is not slumped, and that your back is fully supported. Also, look into standing desks which allow you to work at a computer while standing up when you choose.

So there are four ways to take matters into your own hands when addressing sciatica – which one works best for you?

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